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1. 25ml Start Up Kit - 50 remedies (Liquid) - SAVE $50 (on individual pricing)

25ml Start Up kit - 50 remedies (Liquid).

The remedies for these starter kits are selected from long experience and are useful for therapists starting out or for students.

The remedies and potencies chosen are commonly used in day-to-day practice and represent a basic stock.

These sets offer substantial savings compared to purchasing of individual remedies. If you wish to modify the list (substitute remedies) to suit your own requirements you will need to email, fax or phone any changes as soon as possible after the original order has been placed on line. To obtain these reduced prices, 50 remedies must be ordered.

Price $425.00
Qty Please login/register to Order

Remedies included are: 

Aconitum 30

Ipecacuanha 30

Antimonium crudum 6

Ixodes 30

Antimonium tartaricum 30

Kali Carb 30

Apis mellifica 30

Lachesis 30

Argentum nitricum 30

Ledum palustre 6

Arnica 30

Lycopodium 30

Arnica 200

Magnesium phosphoricum 30

Arsenicum album 30

Mercurium solubilis 30

Aurum metallicum 30

Natrium muriaticum 30

Belladonna 30

Nux vomica 30

Bryonia alba 30

Phosphorus 30

Calcium carbonicum 30

Phytolacca 6

Cantharis 30

Pulsatilla 30

Carcinosinum 30

Rhus toxicondendron 30

Caulophyllum thal. 30

Ruta graveolens 6

Chamomilla 30

Sepia 30

China officinalis 30

Silicea 30

Coffea cruda 30

Spongia tosta 30

Cina 6

Staphysagria 30

Cocculus indicus 30

Stramonium 30

Drosera 30

Sulphur 30

Gelsemium 30

Symphytum 6

Hepar sulphuris 6

Syphilinum 30

Hypericum 30

Thuja 30

Ignatia 30

Tuberculinum Bov 30