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About Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a safe, rational and holistic system of therapy for treating dysfunction and disease. It was founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1796) who discovered the principle of the SIMILIMUM or "like cures like".

Homeopathy supports the body's self curative processes, aiding in anti-doting the disease state and restoring harmony. Hahnemann found that a substance that could produce symptoms in a healthy body could also effect cure for a similar symptom, or disease state.  Bee venom, for example, causes painful, itchy swelling.  In a dilution, attenuated form, the same substance can cure similar symptoms. The doses are so dilute as to be non-toxic and harmless yet still viable pharmacologically.

Homeopathy is two hundred years old and is still used extensively throughout the world by Homeopathic, Naturopathic and Allopathic physicians, taking its place in natural medicine as a specialised modality for constitutional work, acute prescribing and as adjunct remedies with other modalities.  It is particularly valuable for mental and emotional dysfunction and children's behavioural problems. Veterinary remedies are in wide use nowadays also, animals responding well to homeopathy.

Homeopathy has seen a worldwide resurgence of interest in the past twenty years, being a simple, inexpensive and safe modality, and taking its rightful place beside the other great traditions of herbalism and nutritional science.