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2022 Price List

We are in the process of increasing our prices in line with inflation, which we haven't done since 2018. However, we still believe we are Australia's most affordable supplier of homeopathic remedies.

The Start-Up Kits are even better value.  $1.00 off each remedy in 25ml/25g kit, i.e., save $50.00 on 50 remedy kit, $100.00 on 100 remedy kit.


                                                      (Australian customers:  prices include GST)

10ml liquids:         $8.25                                                           10g pillules:          $ 9.55

25ml liquids:         $10.45                                                         25g pillules:          $13.75

50ml liquids:         $15.40                                                         50g pillules:          $19.25

100ml liquids:       $22                                                              100g pillules:        $30.80

200ml liquids:       $30.80                                                         200g pillules:        $41.80

500ml liquids:       $60.50                                                         500g pillules:        $83.60

1L liquids:             $82.50                                                       1 Kg pillules:           $121

                                           Start-Up Kits


There is some movement for change in the selection of remedies for these kits (max 5 remedy change), however, any request for changes must be notified by email, fax or phone as soon as possible and 100 (or 50) remedies must be selected in total.

See list of remedies on 50ml kit page and 100ml kit page.

50 remedy Start-Up kits

50 x 25ml (liquid) remedies (click "Start-Up Kits" on Home page ... more)    

                                                                                $425.00 (a saving of $50.00)

50 x 25g (pillule) remedies (same 50 remedies as liquids)    

                                                                                $575.00 (a saving of $50.00)

100 remedy Start-Up kits

100 x 25ml (liquid) remedies (click "Start-Up Kits" on Home page ...more)

                                                                               $850.00 (a saving of $100.00)

100 x 25g (pillule) remedies (same 100 remedies as liquids)                           

                                                                             $1150.00 (a saving of $100.00)

Prices are the same for all potencies.

We like to maintain the most competitive prices for homeopathics in Australia and elsewhere as well as quality contact with our customers.  Good service to and communication with our customers is very important to us.

Thanks, the Byron Naturopathics team